If your business is asking “How can we implement Lean best practice in a simple, standardized and sustainable way?”, now is the time to take a closer look at NoMuda’s VisualFactory.


Introducing NoMuda

VisualFactory by NoMuda is a dynamic, integrated solution which delivers everything that simple work instruction systems cannot – a comprehensive execution system that guarantees consistent adherence to optimal processes to completely transform the performance and efficiency of your shop floor.


VisualFactory - the innovative process adherence system that’s driving productivity, improving quality and eliminating manufacturing errors on shop floors around the world.

By connecting, coordinating and integrating manufacturing’s 4Ms of Materials, Methods, Machines and Manpower, into a single, dynamic program, VisualFactory puts you in total control of even the most complex assembly manufacturing environment.

With NoMuda's VisualFactory, operators can never use anything other than the optimal process. Process adherence drives up productivity and quality and drives down errors for a significantly improved ROI, especially in low volume/high complexity production with 100s of model variants and 1000s of components.

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