Working with our customers across the globe

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Case Studies

Racal Acoustics, UK

"A 90% reduction in instruction pages (over 10,000 physical pages) leading to a combined benefit of over five man years of labour. Racal Acoustics now enjoy far greater documentation flexibility whilst maintaining rigis rules of authorisation and validation."


Saab SeaEyE, UK

"Since using VisualFactory to create our build instructions correctly, a large percentage of our problems have gone away - because we can now consistently control the product in the build process...With Rework costs slashed by a staggering 75 per cent one year alone."


Terex, uK

"I would recommend other manufacturers to seriously consider using VisualFactory. The ease on the workload of the process engineers is very notable, allowing for other responsibilities to be given more time. The team at NoMuda are always available and exceptionally helpful."