Why VisualFactory ?


The team of Lean manufacturing experts at NoMuda have 25 years of manufacturing experience, and have worked with some of the world's largest and best manufacturers. This means they have an unparalleled understanding of the problems faced by those in the manufacturing industry.

They have created VisualFactory, which is specifically designed to combat these problems, meaning it goes beyond work instructions and Manufacturing Execution Systems by delivering a complete process adherence system -

one single, integrated and dynamic programme that drives consistent, repetitive optimal processes for fewer errors, higher quality, maximum productivity and better ROI.

What are some of the most common problems faced in the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing companies quite often have several integrated systems such as solid modelling systems, product lifestyle data management system and ERP system, all of which talk to one another but not to manufacturing, which is left with isolated systems.

Independent, uncoordinated systems can slow manufacturing, and make it less flexible and more error prone.
  • Work instructions based on Microsoft Office documents (such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets) or PDFs, with part numbers being copied and pasted from the ERP system, rendering it un-auditable and prone to error.
  • Production records are kept on a sheaf of paper that move with the product, onto a screen that is disconnected with the work instructions.
  • Tooling and calibration records are kept in yet another system and there is no interlock to prevent out of calibration tooling being used.
  • Similarly training and competency records and skills certifications are kept in another data silo and there is no link between the skills required to carry out the work and the person carrying it out.

Because they can’t find or follow the proper documentation operators start to make their own decisions, customize the process to suit them or simply memorize the build. So, they become heavily reliant on “tribal knowledge.”


How can VisualFactory help?


With VisualFactory , the aim is ‘zero ambiguity’. You control and monitor the shop floor so there is no human variation from the optimal process. Instead, operators always use the fastest, safest and lowest cost process to ensure right first-time quality.



VisualFactory provides real time, dynamic Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) so that products are built right first time every time, even in low volume high variety and configure to order environments.



VisualFactory is a web browser based software application (running inside your corporate firewall) that is proven to dramatically reduce costs, improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, and deliver Right First-Time quality.



VisualFactory has been engineered to record and track extremely valuable, required manufacturing data. This ranges from recording what tools are used, to how long a particular activity took to complete.